Affiliate program

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What is an affiliate?
Basically it’s a way to collaborate with the creator. Join affiliate program. Share affiliate link. Get the money from every user who will make a purchase from your link. Simple!
What are advantages of being an affiliate?
Grow your following. Use our products to create content for yourself and grow your own customer base.
Additional income stream. Earn passive income while focusing on other things.
Independence. Affiliate is like running your business. Only you decide how and when you want to promote an affiliate offer.
Get 30% cut
Earn 30% every time user make purchase from your link
We are always happy to help you with any questions
Track you progress with convenient dashboard. Sales, revenue, copy affiliate links - all in one place.
Monthly payouts
Get money from affiliate sales every month
Tracked link
If the customer by the product from your link within 30 days - you will be credited with the sale

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